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Hi, I’m looking for users and usages of Py Obj C and py2app for a number of reasons.

- I’m personally interested in what people are doing with my projects, this not just strokes my ego but also tends to show fun usecases - I’d like to add information to the documentation on how and why Py Obj C is used - I’d like to add links to (OSS) projects to the documentation, amongst others as more realistic examples than the example code in the repository - Links to source code can help me improve Py Obj C For py2app I have similar reasons for being interested, but there’s another one: py2app is getting long in the tooth and requires tweaking for a lot of programs using it.

In particular, the NSXPCInterface error mentions “extended method signature” and I haven’t found any reference to those yet in Apple documentation. Good luck on figuring out what an "extended method signature" is, I hope that's tractable.

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It seems to me that whatever "MAP_JIT" is (an mmap flag, I'm guessing?I filed an issue with them here: https://bitbucket.org/cffi/cffi/issues/391/cffi-doesnt-work-inside-a-macos-app-bundle I guess we should add this flag to the code in Modules/_ctypes/malloc_closure.c CPython) and in the similar code in Py Obj C.The annoying bit is that the flag is new in 10.14, and CPython installers are created on 10.9 which means those won’t include the new flag for a long time.Ronald — Twitter: @ronaldoussoren Blog: https://blog.ronaldoussoren.net/ I've long been curious about if and how one could use XPC services with Python, and I recently ran across this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52284089/is-it-possible-to-use-pyobjc-with-a-privilved-xpc-helper-tool-and-xpcinterface-a Hi, I’ve pushed Py Obj C 5.1.2 to Py PI.This release contains a number of bugfixes: * #254: Fix compile error on mac OS 10.9 or earlier * #255: Calling completion handler failed due to incomplete runtime info Py Obj C's metadata system didn't automaticly set the call signature for blocks passed into a method implemented in Python.

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