Pete yorn dating

reports that Johansson’s love triangle includes Colin Jost and Kevin Yorn.

Johansson and Yorn hooked up in June, and she’s already moved on to Jost since then.

Finding them and figuring out who would sing which piece.

I didn’t expect to sing “I Am the Cosmos” by myself.

The only catch is that Johansson is still dating Yorn.“She feels liberated again and sees no reason why she needs to choose between these two wonderful guys,” the insider stated.

“Scarlett’s told them both she’s not ready for anything serious, she’s not dating anyone exclusively for a while, and they have both accepted it.”Johansson and Dauraic divorced a few months ago and share one daughter together.

Yorn is Johansson’s entertainment lawyer and has worked with her for a number of years.

In 2009, Yorn’s brother, Pete, teamed up with Johansson on an album that produced the single, “Break Up.” Yorn’s previous marriage lasted for nine years. A source claims that their fling has been going on for quite some time, though it isn’t clear if it started before or after the split.

At the time, an insider told that Johansson and Yorn have been friends for a long time and their romance came naturally.

SJ: Pete has so uniquely captured that sixties-French-pop period without it being retro.

When you listen to music that’s “inspired” by a certain era, more than hearing the inspiration you hear a bad impression. I’ve been working since I was 8 years old, and whenever I have periods of time when I don’t have to be doing anything, where I don’t have any responsibility, it’s in those moments that I live my life. Every day in the studio was hard for me—I was in an acute anxiety state.

"Iguana Bird," one of the set's catchiest and dreamiest offerings, finds Johansson and Yorn playing the role of former lovers who try to move on past a breakup with everyday activities but still think of each other.

For helming the visual clip, the duo tapped Bonnie Wright, a young, mega-talented writer, producer, director, and actress—perhaps best known for her role as Ginny Weasley throughout the blockbuster Harry Potter film franchise—to bring the song's evocative sensibilities to life. "Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson's new single 'Iguana Bird' evoked for me that new loneliness you feel in the wake of a break up, having spent every moment with someone you now have to create new memories that feel forced and out of touch with what you know," Wright tells , most particularly Anna Karina's character, and the vulnerable beauty often explored in French cinema during the '60s.

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