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Laura gave an interview while still stained in Lucifer's blood, making her an instant celebrity.However, in spite of the fame, she sunk into a depression over Lucifer's death.She also appeared in the 1920's Recurrence, and presumably in all Recurrences, although unseen.Persephone is the God that Ananke's sister claim would appear last during each Recurrence.and lived with her parents in Brockley, South London.She came from a mixed race family and had a younger sister named Jenny.She attended Ragnarock 2013 and argued with David Blake, as he claimed that the current generation was uninspired and didn't deserve a Recurrence, but Laura passionately disagreed.As the new Recurrence got underway, Laura became enthralled with the Pantheon and regularly attended their shows.

Laura mentioned Ananke, whose name she had overheard at the trial, in order to persuade Lucifer to let her visit.After the performance, the police arrived, and Laura witnessed Baphomet attacking a police officer, making him a suspect.However, The Morrigan gave him an alibi afterwards and offered to help Laura in the future.By the end of 2013, she had seen Baal, Inanna, Sakhmet, Tara, Lucifer, Minerva, and several of Woden's Valkyries.She tried to hide this interest from her parents because she wanted it to be "all hers." On January 1, 2014, she attended a show by Amaterasu and met Lucifer afterwards, who invited her backstage.

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