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Setting up dates for your children to have some fun can surely benefit both child and parent, I put together some tips to consider when seeking the perfect playdate. While a familiar face is good, having your child play with kids they don’t see as often can be beneficial. You can use that to motivate your little one to clean up before friends come over. One is what I call a “walk it off mom.” She doesn’t let things get to her and takes a liberal approach to decisions and discipline.My other friend is much stricter and sticks to a consistent plan when parenting. Every child is different and we all have different parenting styles on how to feed, discipline and teach our children.Every outing you make, whether it be the park, the doctor’s office or the grocery store is an opportunity to meet other moms with kids.

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I bought some really cheap knee high stockings at the dollar store.

It is definitely slow progress, so slow in fact that it is hard to tell if there is any progress at all. It's so strange to me how he still can't stand up but he has these other brand new movements. Oh, and he hasn't had a single headache since the surgery. He started having regular headaches (2-3 a week) last May, we took him to the ER multiple times convinced it was his shunt.

While he is still unable to stand or walk, Caleb has discovered some new tricks since his surgery. I have NEVER seen him isolate movement in his foot. AND he can now swing his legs out from the knee, isolating that movement from the knee down. It would appear that the tethered cord was causing the headaches all along.

We put a couple of tablespoons of grass seed in the stockings first and then filled the rest up with potting soil. Heat up an envelope of gelatin with 1/4 cup of water, add about a cup of bird seed and fill up some cookie cutters. teacher that does one-on-one swim lessons in her pool.

This was a bit messy and somehow my leg ended up covered in soil. I got a huge bag of birdseed so we will be able to make these feeders all summer long. On an unrelated note, Caleb started swim lessons this week. I thought it would be a great way for Caleb to become more confident in the water and also offer him a little bit of therapy at the same time.

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