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They open up to explain why a polyamory relationship works for them and the stigma which can be attached to it.

"Published on Jul 12, 2019 Thomas and Cathy Keen are a married couple who are in an open relationship which has formed into a 'throuple' with friend Nicole Everett.

Below each individual calendar is a link provided to submit events however there is no change to how an area currently does business.

Anyone who normally has event posting privileges can post to the calendar.

We will stay together, in some form or another, for the better part of four years; in love for parts of it, and never once monogamous.

¤ I’d met Lou six months earlier, during my first year at The University of Chicago.

She worried that she’d made a mistake; I did my best to be distracted.

I saw you reading a book once, remind me what it was?

I suspect she knew what I was doing, but found it charming enough to play along. My hometown girlfriend moved to Chicago and we leased an apartment together.

We’d never spoken like this before, and I was coming on pretty strong with my self-pity.

She indulged me; listened to me complain about my girlfriend, about long-distance fidelity, about not wanting to be the kind of man who rationalized his desire to betray, but who still couldn’t understand why love was proved by exclusivity.

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