Potassiumargon dating early human fossils

Although they typically walk on four legs, as monkeys do, they can also walk upright on two legs, and they sometimes do this for short distances. Paleontologists trace their grad- ual appearance among various kinds of primates they call stem apes or ape- like primates.

The Eocene world was warmer than the modern world, with tropical temperatures and forests extending far north and south of the equator.By 17 to 15 million years ago, primates existed that paleontologists can definitely identify as apes.In fact, so many fossil apes are known from the AMONG THE PRIMATES 37 Proconsul, a possible ancestor of apes, lived in Africa approximately 20 million years ago.Fossils of this primate, dating from around 20 million years ago, have been found in the East African nation of Kenya.Proconsul had both monkeylike and apelike features.

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