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I love to watch hockey(flames) football, is a big part of my life ,my goals in life is to find my best friend to be with, I want to get a place in the country, I am tired of living in the city.

I'm a pretty simple guy, but enjoy talking about deeper concepts like culture, politics, religion, etc on occasion.

Central Alberta’s most popular city is occupied by 100,000 people, all different kinds of wildlife, and a plethora of tree and shrubbery species. But I want you to explore beyond the most basic date choice.

Believe it or not, there’s more to do in Red Deer than just get hammered. I want to give you an authentic Red Deer experience. via @jump360trampolinevia @sneharkhati Jump around! Jump 360 is the place to find your inner child and just play with bae. via @tarynbennett Live shows are typically the setting for boozing it up but you don't have to give in to the spirits to enjoy some of the many musical talents that step foot into Bo's Bar & Grill.

Meeting someone that checks off on your long list of characteristics for a meaningful relationship is like stumbling upon a needle in a haystack. Obviously walking blindly into a rodeo or frequenting Mad Rose Pub in Calgary has not worked in the past, so it’s time to try a new strategy for your love life.

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Don't waste your time in bars and pubs, join our dating site.Im adventurous, witty, sarcastic, very humorous, yet I like my down time.I like to read, write poetry or songs, I like to draw. I like strategy games like risk or catan, but I play them with drinking buddies. You probably think you’ve done it all and by that I mean you've probably exhausted your usual dinner and a movie date ideas. It's easy to think that there's nothing to do in this city except get hammered but there is. The country town is filled with fun and cute date ideas that you may not have even bothered going out and trying because you were too busy cracking pilsners in the back of your truck. From yoga in the park to the many hikes around the city, Red Deer has more to offer than just whiskey sours and sporting events.

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