Renee zellweger and bradley cooper dating

As Nelly Furtado rightly said in one of her songs, “Why do all good things come to an end?” Cooper once again found love in his life in his costar Zoe Saldana.Many sources claim that there was a third person involved in their relationship, but this rumor was later dismissed.Here’s the thing about breaking up: When somebody ends their relationship and are seen spotted with somebody else, they immediately assume the status of their relationship.However, the union didn’t last long, and Esposito filed for divorce in May of 2007.It’s not really clear why the pair got divorced, but both of them handled it pretty well and moved on with their lives amicably.The duo apparently spent a lot of time on the set of , in which they costarred.Initially, he denied the fact that Zoe Saldana was his girlfriend, but paparazzi had enough pictures of them together to suggest otherwise.

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While some say they were just hooking up or secretly dating, we leave it to you to make your own conclusions.

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However, like others, this relationship also soon came to an end.

The newest lady love in Bradley Cooper’s life is none other than Russian supermodel and actress Irina Shayk.

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