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I'm not sure about this, but I think a few people may have interpreted his comment as having a go at Pike or something. I said in an earlier post above that I think she is drop-dead gorgeous. I live in a country FULL of beautiful oriental ladies, all with smiles.

It's very frustrating, but my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow. What Blofelds Cat isn't mentioning is that he has quite a thing for Asian women.

Later she starred in the film Love in a Cold Climate based on Nancy Mitford’s work.

In 2001, the actress completed her studies and concentrated on her acting career.

Rosamund Pike was born on January 27, 1979 in London.

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I say this because I saw in the press conference Berry saying that Jinx will help Bond uncover a traitor!

I think she is very sexy as well, much better than Denise Richards who had those pørno star lips, and you know what I mean! Another thing is that even though Richards was 28 at filming she portrayed on film an age closer to 20.

Just hearing Pike in the interview, she is about 23 but she acts and talks like she is 28 or 29. Should make for an excellent mystery adventure and GOD HELP THE ONE WHO BETRAYS BOND ! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before, but I'm thinking it's probably Falco.

Tatiana Romanova is my favorite Bond girl and I like her looks and it looks like Pike's character will appeal to me on the same level.

hi i checked out one of this lady's web pages i wasnt too keen but now i know she is the bond girl she is kinda growing on me i mean she is no izabella scorpuco or Britt Ekland, but yeah i would agree she has sex appeal and still could be worse could have chose an ugly chick like jill what were the thinking with her Blue Eyes (29 Jan, 2002 a.m.): What Blofelds Cat isn't mentioning is that he has quite a thing for Asian women.

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