Scammer dating format Free hardcore slut dating

If you are a woman online, your target should be men who are looking for love.

Unless you are posing as a homosexual on the internet, getting a partner who is of the opposite sex will be easier for you to flow and cash-out.

Any client you get from any of these countries would be sure to fall for the 419 scam format.

They haven’t heard about it before, so they would fall for it most likely.

I don't play by the rules; Life isn't fair, so you shouldn't be fair too.

I have received so many messages from people asking me to teach them the 419 scammer format to dupe their clients.

This is always the first step towards any type of scam you want to carry out including the 419 Nigerian scams.

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These are the countries you should be targeting to see if you can get clients from there.The question is “which country can I get clients from?” As at last year when some friends tried out this scam format successfully, they later shared their success story.The truth is that out of 100 people that receive this email, only just one person might respond, which is a very low turnout.In fact, most messages like this always end up in the spam folder.

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