Scams at your new match dating site

There are several truly bizarre examples out there, like the girl who was catfished twice by another girl who posed as two different men.Then there’s the woman who catfished her niece to teach her a lesson about online safety.Look at the way they use social media and check their friends list – it’s easy to create fake friends but these connections can tell you a lot about them.If they’re on Twitter, look back through their timeline to try and find inconsistencies.However, it can be suspicious if you can’t find any trace of a person.The average Facebook user has 130 friends so people who only have a handful of friends may be fake.That’s not to say that you can’t develop a deep connection with someone in a short time.

Real people tend to be tagged in group photos or pictured at social occasions, with comments from friends.It may be that you’ve just met someone who loves all the things you do and that’s great if that’s the case.However, imposters often claim to have shared interests to ensure that they have a topic of conversation.Things turned strange when her 19-year-old niece asked her aunt’s fictional persona to kill her aunt. Catfishing can affect people from all walks of life and it’s easy to scoff at the victims but the damage is real.Common sense isn’t always to the fore when it comes to matters of the heart but here are some clues that your online date is an online fraud.

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