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This is known as flooding or cluttering, and is one of the main reasons for the existence of WP: COSMETICBOT. The improved parameter order makes it easier to see what information is present (or missing), and the improved Fixing editor-hostile wikitext constitutes a cosmetic edit and is typically not allowed by bots, although some cases (such as collisions) may be deemed editor-hostile enough to be treated by bot if they cross the threshold of usefulness.

The bot flag is designed to reduce the impact of flooding on Special: Recent Changes and Special: Watchlist, but will never completely eliminate it. A context-sensitive edit is one that could be either valid or invalid, depending on the situation. A user script managed using Extension: Gadgets so that it shows up in Special: Preferences. Like regular bots, manual bots are subject to BRFAs, and can only operate within the terms of their approval.

The "spectrum of usefulness" is a general concept useful in evaluating bot tasks.

A proposed bot task will typically involve improvements to articles (even if only from a technical perspective), such as improving HTML5 compliance, making cosmetic improvements, fixing obvious mistakes, fixing editor-hostile wikitext, adding missing information, or improving the machine-readability of an article.

For example, OAbot will ask users to allow OAuth access, so it can make edits as the user.

It also provides the ability to restrict the user rights available to the bot when logged in in this manner.

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For example, to link to the definition of a bot op, you can use Two-factor authentication (2FA), here using a TOTP token supplied by an app on a phone or other personal device.Minor edits should require no review and be uncontroversial. This is sometimes done to force a server-side cache purge and force the page to be re-rendered from scratch.This causes category sorting, "what links here" results, how templates are rendered, and so on to be updated. OAuth is a mechanism for a bot to take action as if it were a different user (or on behalf of different user) without having to know the user's password.Remember to give me a Follow if you like this Content!There will be so much more 😉 Are you searching for a Lewd Community?

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