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GUYS SAY: "I don't share my calendar, and I can't imagine a need to share it.Just tell each other what you have on the plate."GIRLS SAY: "We balance our household budget on Google spreadsheets, but we don't share calendars.Aghast, they quickly asked: "Why didn't you warn us he could come on?" While it seemed the chat had ended there, it wasn't to be, as the panel then invited actor Ricky Tomlinson on to the show - where he gave his OWN bombshell on his sex life with wife Rita.GUYS SAY: "It makes my blood curdle to think about some chick writing about me on a blog."GIRLS SAY: "I think everyone has heard stories about sad, miserable, melodramatic, really publicly blogged-about relationships, which wouldn't seem so bad if [the details] didn't live on in perpetuity.Can you imagine your kids growing up and Googling you, to discover some old failure of a boyfriend you hardly remember? SITUATION: Browsing the Web While Watching TVRULE: Don't pull up Facebook while you're watching TV together.After all, you don't have to chat with anyone you don't want to!

SITUATION: Gchat Status RULE: Busy, Available, Invisible—use caution!" Before adding: "It's alright darling I love you." Asked if he's faked it, he said: "Never.Maybe we could practise tonight." After joking around with the panel, Robbie eventually let Ayda off and gave her a kiss on set, before leaving her smiling and red-faced beside her pals.GUYS SAY: "My wife and I both have passwords on our phones.It's mostly to protect in case they are stolen, and I trust her completely, but people don't need to have total access to every detail about each other."GIRLS SAY: "I had an old boyfriend's email password, which he'd given to me so I could help him with some work remotely, and I ended up abusing it and reading his emails.

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