Sprung the dating game faq

-I'm sorry, we got off on the wrong foot, let's start over. -[Take the money] ***receive TWENTY BUCKS*** -No, should I have?

-Which women here would be most likely to give me a phone number with the least amount of effort?

I saw there weren't many FAQs yet for Sprung, my favorite of the early batch of DS games.

I figured the game's style would lend itself well to a fairly straightforward walkthrough, and so I'm taking a shot at it.

I've beaten both Brett's Story and Becky's Story numerous times, and I'm currently up to 100% of items and 51/52 art.

I'll try to add everything I've found into the FAQ as quickly as possible.

You might as well keep restarting the conversation to bilk Conor out of all of his money. -[Take the money] ***receive ONE HUNDRED BUCKS*** -Yeah, of course...

I'm fairly sure that there's no way to keep your job at the Ski Shop.

-Thank you for the pleasure of your company this evening. -It's so cute how your cheeks get all red in the cold. Objective: Equip yourself for either severe babe-hunting or one-on-one romancing!

Don't call Lucas a poseur, or it could come back to haunt you in a later level.

Rundown: There are two ways to go, as the objective suggests. The end results will be the same if you pick one of these two sets of choices.

Item and Art Guides are updated, and I added a question to the FAQ.

I'd made a mistake on the numbering of her scenes, so I fixed that.

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