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On "I Am an Ape", Byrne playfully reverse-engineers evolution.

Both performers are known for their thousand-yard stares (compare the covers of Byrne's ) that suggest a quiet intensity merged with a playful approach to self-presentation.

At any rate, trying to dissect the collaboration's inner workings is beside the point when the whole is this dazzlingly creative.

While Love This Giant might not be a true concept album, Byrne and Clark explore the themes of individuality, community, love, and death with a thoroughness and cohesiveness that suggests otherwise, and together they push each other into creative spaces they might not have explored on their own.

However, it is somewhat surprising to learn that they created their collaboration Love This Giant largely online, meeting in the studio together with their team of musicians and producers a handful of times during the album's three-year gestation period, because they're on such a harmonious wavelength throughout it.

While they're hardly sound-alikes, they are both keen but somewhat detached observers of the human condition who make music that's equally cerebral and passionate.

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