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Leap year just reminds us all that the world keeps turning. ' 11 .- j,„.j M-,ivjj; ■.■■^.•^■i\, ' ^^M'UAt^m'^:»h^\^^ ^ ^^^ The Art department found a new home in the Esser building located on Jeffer- son Avenue.

Opening Days of Opportunities to The college years offer more to students than homework and academic pursuits.

Everyone living on campus, however, had the same prob- lem; limited space in rooms.

One of the first tasks residents faced is rearranging the rooms.

Stacy Bielema, Amy Gay, Deborah King, and Becca Still await the an- nouncement of Homecoming Queen.

The football team lines up in an effort to gain a lead in the game.

The Homecoming football game against Wheaton ended in a 36-0 loss, but even to loss didn't keep high spirits from falling. I think this was the best homecoming week yet," said sophomore Amy Jo Snyder.Move in day was a day when everyone had to deal with bringing their things to the halls, arranging furniture, and putting things away.But one thing is for certain, once that was done, everyone had a spe- cial place to call home.After moving in, freshmen and parents were invited to a barbecue across from Seager Hail, Rail 3rd West residents, Michelle Ev- ans and Brenda Behling, fill their arms for the trip upstairs.Moving In Variety is spice of life Homecoming activities for All From Oct.

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