Visio screenupdating

Print "Background Colour Palette Entry = "; Palette Entry, Debug.

Green End Sub Public Sub Colour_Test1()Dim objshape As Visio.

Name Next vso Connect Next vso Shape Else Msg Box "You Must Have Something Selected"End If End Sub Sub Add CGM()'Create a Visio stencil from a collection of CGMs in a subdirectory'The name of the subdirectory is used as the name of the stencil Dim doc Obj As Visio. If (Get Attr(Path Name & Curr File Name) And vb Directory) = vb Directory Then Dir Cnt = Dir Cnt 1 Dirs(Dir Cnt) = Curr File Name End If End If Curr File Name = Dir Loop For Dir Indx = 1 To Dir Cnt Set doc Obj = Documents. Masters ' Set the default pathname Path File Name = Path Name & Dirs(Dir Indx) & "\*.cgm" ' Find the first file from the directory (not necessarily the first alphabetically) Curr File Name = Dir(Path File Name) Shape Cnt = 0 Do While Curr File Name "" Shape Cnt = Shape Cnt 1 Set master Obj = masters Obj. Shape, i1 As Integer, back Name As String Dim cel Obj Pag H As Visio. Cell Dim xlen As Double, ylen As Double, ytop As Double, ytop2 As Double Dim win Obj As Visio.

Master Dim Path File Name As String, Path Name As String, Curr File Name As String Dim Full File Name As String, Mastr Name As String Dim Dirs(200) As String, Dir Cnt As Integer, Dir Indx As Integer Dim Shape Cnt As Integer' Set the default pathname - the root directory Path Name = "C:\My Documents\Visio\CGMs\"' Find the first file from the directory (not necessarily the first alphabetically)Curr File Name = Dir(Path Name, vb Directory)Dir Cnt = 0Do While Curr File Name ".." Then ' Use bitwise comparison to make sure Curr File Name is a directory. Screen Updating = False'Create the grid if there is an active page If Not (Active Page Is Nothing) Then Set page Obj = Visio.

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It expects the'active window to be a drawing type window and for at least one shape to be'selected. Item(1)Dim int Char Count As Integer Dim int Run End As Integer Dim int Run Begin As Integer Dim i As Integeri = 0Dim vsochars As Visio. Shape Dim local Centx As Double, Shape Height As Double Dim local Centy As Double, Shape Width As Double, Shape Radius As Double Dim cel Obj1 As Visio. Cells("Fillforegnd") = 5 ' Use a fill colour of Yellowshp Obj. For Each vso Shape In vso Select Set vso Connects = vso Shape. From Connects'For each connection, get the shape it connects to. Name = Mastr Name Full File Name = Path Name & Dirs(Dir Indx) & "\" & Curr File Name Set shp Obj = master Obj. Count 0 Then'For each shape in the selection, get its connections. Name Next vso Connect Set vso Connects = vso Shape. Add Mastr Name = Left(Curr File Name, Len(Curr File Name) - 4) master Obj. Shape Dim i As Integer, Shp No As Integer Dim Pos X As Double, Pos Y As Double Dim Shape X As Double, Shape Y As Double Debug. Green Next End Sub Public Sub Connection Points()Dim shp Obj As Visio.

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