Wow armory profile not updating

My armory (just on this character) hasn't been updating at all. This is preventing me from using Sim C for calculating my character's damage along with getting my stat weights.It's also preventing other 3rd party websites from tracking information (Raidbots, Wo WProgress, etc).This is all the stuff they broke during that 16 hours of incompetence on tuesday.

It's a bit frustrating, any information to a fix or update would be great.

If this issue continues over the next couple of days consistently, please let us know.

So I was logged out of game for roughly 5 hours after servers came up and I am still experiencing the same issue.

I thought this would eventually work itself out but it has been like this for weeks now. My in game item level is 906, but the armory shows 898. Another thing I noticed is my helm, it's a 900ilvl item (Armet of the Rotten Mind), but shows that it's 855 on the Armory.

Since Wo W Progress pulls data from the armory my achievement ranking has dropped. There are several other items showing a incorrect item level too.

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